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A beautiful dwelling, a beautiful wife and beautiful clothes

In the recent years, a real revolution has been taking place in Israel, not in the sense of a revolution, but rather of the evolution type. Right under our noses, new breeds of talented, creative original and bold designers rose- and all of them ‘made in Israel’ . From reading the texts of Judaism, we learn, that while the Jewish religion has, from time immemorial, been opposed to art of any kind whatsoever (” You shall not make for yourself an idol..”) surprisingly, it is exactly in the field of design that our sages showed openness and encouraged design as a function contributing both to aesthetic, as well as intellectual development: “Three things enlarge a man’s spirit: a beautiful dwelling, a beautiful wife, and  beautiful clothes”

As part of the Month of Design occurring these days in Israel, it is possible to visit the ‘Designers of the Future 3′ exhibition, representing the fields of industrial design, graphic design and jewelry design. In the months of May-June 2010, the Designed in Israel‘ 2010exhibition will open, containing approx. 250 works of the best designers, and concurrently, ‘Sunday Design at the Port’ meetings will be held at the Tel Aviv Port. Also planned are conferences and one-day seminars on educating for design and the design industry in Israel at the Design Museum and at the MediaTech in Holon. I am personally happy because of the fact that someone has finally recalled that fashion is part of the world of design too, and the fashion happening that will be held in Jerusalem for three days will contribute to the increasing awareness of fashion as an important cultural aspect. So, to those of you who will be in Israel in the months of May-June- don’t miss out:

May 27th 2010, the ‘Film, Fashion and Philosophy‘ festival will open in the Jerusalem Cinematheque. The festival is a joint initiative of the Goethe Institute Jerusalem, The Jewelry and Fashion Department at Bezal’el Academy of Arts and Design, the Jerusalem Cinematheque and the French Cultural Center named after Romain Gary .In the framework of the events, the relationships between the worlds of fashion and cinema, photography, art, language and media of our time will be examined, for instance the relationships between fashion and religion, fashion and the street, and the  influence of blogs dealing with fashion on the press. The events are intended both for professionals and the general public.


Joining the great celebration of design in Israel is Orly Robinson with the book ‘Design Scene‘ which provides a view to the typical state of affairs in the contemporary design scene taking place in Israel. A great effort has been invested in the book; it represents approx. 200 Israeli designers from various design fields, as well as concentrates in one place important articles dealing with Israeli design nowadays from various perspectives.

Such as:  Arye Berkovitz’s article about the search for the Israeli look, Ezri Tarazi’s article about the role of the academia in educating for trailblazing design, and also my own article about the flourishing of local design- fashion and jewelry. There are also interviews with designers who have ‘made it big time’, such as: Gideon Oberson, Tovale, Ilan Pivko, Ilana Goor,Jonathan Monjack, Se’adya Mendel and Sasson kedem.

Design enthusiasts can find on the shelves books in the field of design in Israel 2009: ‘Improvisation- New Design in Israel’ by Mel Byers, and Giyora Urian’s trailblazing design book, ‘From the Israel Museum to The Carmel Market –Israeli design’  and Urian’s additional design book, ‘Israeli Design Today – the Design Award’ reflecting the Design Award (‘Ot ha ‘Itzoov’) competition, which is a blessed initiative of one person who, before anyone else, identified the need for nurturing design in Israel and woke it up its from its long hibernation. The Israel Architecture and Design 2010 conference will be held at the end of the month at the Mann Auditorium (Heychal Ha Tarboot) and will close the Design Award 2010 events.

The long queues plodding along at the entrance to the Tel Avivian houses in the ‘Houses from Inside‘ event that was opened to the public last Saturday, also reflect – beyond a natural need for voyeurism – a wish to keep up to speed with the field of home design, and learn from the experience and taste of those who open their houses to the public. Migrating to us from Europe, this event has acclimated in the local landscape, and from year to year, the awareness of the topic increases and the queues at the entrance get longer…

The Litvak Gallery for glass design has also opened- to those who are interested- a view to the works of international glass artists, and the visit to the gallery is an enriching, pleasant experience. And we haven’t told about new design galleries opening up all over Israel, and designers’ studios popping up in Tel Aviv like mushrooms after the rain.



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